'Castle' season 8 news: Showrunner talks about plans for show if it does not end this season; ABC exec wants to see more of 'Castle' in coming years


With the recently held Television Critics Association event, the “Castle” panel was both frank and honest on where the show will go after this season.

Previous reports already talked about the possible cancellation of the show especially when both of its lead stars Nathan Filion (Rick Castle) and Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) are still not signed up for another season.

“Last year (creator) Andrew Marlowe wrote the finale not knowing if they would come back, and this year we knew we could possibly do the same thing have a nice conclusion and still set up something we can launch into if there is a season 9,” co-showrunner Alexi Hawley said.

Furthermore, he also revealed the repercussions of going out this season with a solid ending in case the show still pushes through with a brand new season.

“I think going out with a cliffhanger of sorts always helps you when you come back. When we came back this year, it had a conclusion last year, and I think ultimately it was a little harder for us to get out of the gate because people didn’t have anything driving them back,” Hawley added.

Assuming that Hawley was talking about the seemingly erratic story last season, fans can get a hint on the reason why the cat-and-mouse chase of the Kate and Rick lasted for almost half a season. On top of that, the way the reunion was handled received some backlash, and fans thought that the season long separation was not justified by Kate enough.

In the end, Hawley tried to lay down what “Castle’s” team is trying to do saying that they aim to tie up all the loose ends including the murder of Kate’s mother and Nick’s lost time mystery by the end of the season. If the show comes back, they will be able to trace down the roots of the show and solve fresh cases every week without the shadow of the past looming over their heads.

In the same way, ABC President Paul Lee conveyed that he would love to have “Castle” to run for the years to come. “There are lots of good ideas for that. I don’t want to give a glimpse to what those ideas might be, but I’m feeling optimistic that we’ve got some good ideas,” he added.