'Castle' season 8, episode 7 spoilers: Castle and Beckett celebrate first year anniversary while solving a brutal murder of a high profile seducer


Fans of the crime show “Castle” have been contemplating how the story will pan out as Richard Castle and Captain Kate Beckett’s first year wedding anniversary is fast approaching but the couple remain separated due to Beckett ‘wanting to protect’ Castle. Fans are already getting a bit frustrated as there is no other concrete reason for Beckett to want a split.

Prior to the fall finale of the show which will be titled “Mr & Mrs. Castle,” one more episode titled “The Last Seduction” will be airing on Nov. 16. According to official spoilers and synopsis released by ABC, Castle and Beckett will be investigating the brutal killing of seducer Don Juan. Additional information was then revealed through a press release which further builds up on how the duo will be spending their anniversary. Castle will eventually be planning a surprise for Beckett hoping to win her back while being in the middle of trying to decode Don Juan’s killer – which may involve a New York elitist.

In an article by Entertainment Weekly, the show’s executive producer Alexi Hawley was quoted saying, “That was our challenge coming into that episode obviously given the perameters of what we’ve set up. What we have to keep in mind is that, even with the obstacle in their way, both of them are still desperately in love with each other. So the want is there, it’s just about figuring out if there can be a how, so we definitely wanted to stay true to the obstacle, but at the same time, maybe give them a way to figure out how to celebrate.”

In a separate interview with the same media outlet, Hawley and co-showrunner Terrence Paul Winter revealed that the two will definitely survive and live, reassuring fans that the main leads are not going to die. Hawley also promised that viewers will have something to look forward to when “Castle” returns for the latter half of its 8th season in February 2016 keeping fans glued to the TV series.