'Castle' season 8 spoilers: Rick and Kate uncover murders in theatre in episode 20


Rick and Kate will be looking into a new murder case, this time involving a theatre in the upcoming episode of “Castle” season 8.

Titled “Much Ado About Murder,” episode 20 of the American crime and drama television series will explore murders inside theatres. The official synopsis posted on TV.com reads, “A movie star who transitioned to theater work is killed, so Castle and Becket go behind the scenes to investigate what was going on in the actor’s life.”

In the promotional trailer for the upcoming episode, the sneak peek initially shows an actor reciting the famous quote from William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” However, in a twist of events, the actor is later found bloodied and dead within the same premises, while the clip teased, “And that is the answer.”

After which, the preview shows several scenes as Rick (Nathan Fillion), Kate (Stana Katic) and the rest of the team talk about the new case. Later on, the video also shows snippets of action scenes as they uncover the identity of the suspect, with one even showing Rick surprised as he exclaimes, “Mother?!” Toward the end of the clip, Rick may have stumbled upon the murderer, who may be a drug lord, as the latter’s gun is pointed at Rick.

Episode 20 of “Castle” season 8 will air on May 2 at 10 P.M. EST on ABC.

After which, the season is left with two more episodes before its conclusion on May 16. In the spoilers revealed on TV Guide, they hint that the finale will uncover and close the case regarding the LokSat. In addition, it will also be the final episode of Katic and Tamala Jones, who will not return for the ninth installment in case the television show is renewed.