'Captain America: Civil War' spoilers: Mid, after credits scenes


For fans who have not yet seen the blockbuster hit “Captain America: Civil War” but still want to know beforehand what kind of mid-credits and after credits sequences may be waiting for them, the details of these much talked about scenes are now available on the internet.

Viewers should take note that the film, like most of the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe films, feature two scenes before and after the full credits roll. This practice of Marvel Studios began in the 2008 film “Iron Man,” where the MCU was first introduced. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury was seen offering Tony Stark the “Avengers Initiative.”

As for the latest film, the first scene following the main movie served as an epilogue as well as teased what will come next for a newly introduced character. Fans will see Bucky Barnes in a lab, getting prepped for something. As it turned out, Bucky will once again go into suspended animation until a solution for his brainwashed mind by HYDRA comes along. It was then revealed that Steve Rogers and Bucky are both in custody of King T’Challa. Steve expressed his worry over the King’s safety, but the Wakanda royalty is confident, and said “Let them try.” A view of a massive Black Panther statue in the vast jungle of Wakanda was shown.

As for the second scenethe one after the full credits rollfans will see Tom Holland once again as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Here, following his short stint in the fight between Team Iron man and Team Captain America, Peter checks his new suit and web shooter, as it starts to project a light. Aunt May enters the room, and Peter hides the light from his Aunt. Later on, fans got to see the iconic Spider Signal from the classic comic books. The scene fades, and shows a text that reads, “Spider-Man will return.”

“Captain America: Civil War” is now open in theaters.