'Captain America: Civil War' spoilers: Chris Evans talks about film's relatability, future of Cap


Captain America’s individual story arc ends with the patriotic hero butting heads with fellow Avenger, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) in “Captain America: Civil War.” But more than anything than he has done before in the red and blue suit, Chris Evans reveals that the upcoming story is nothing like fans have seen in the entire MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

The two iconic superheroes are divided over whether they will fall in line with the government or continue functioning as an independent body. Ironically, rogue Tony Stark decided to succumb to higher power, while soldier Steve Rogers refused the idea.

The movie mined its structure from the “Civil War” comics but with a couple of more interwoven complications. Evans, who is reprising the all-American hero for the 7<sup>th time, admitted that the characters’ inner conflicts make the film much more interesting.

“In the previous movies, there’s a clear bad guy, but when there’s no villain it makes it more human. A little more relatable. You have to change the rules if you want to keep films interesting,” the 34-year-old actor told ShortList.

In hindsight, Tony and Steve’s difference in opinion is rooted on their respective experiences. Tony learned his lesson when he created AI villain Ultron in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Steve, on the other hand, is still haunted by his encounter with HYDRA in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

“It’s difficult to find resolve when you’re fighting the people you love. It’s a relatable story. It’s not clear good vs bad, so hopefully it will prompt a lot of discussions,” Evans continued. On top of the ideological slugfest with Tony, Cap’s world becomes a little bit more complicated with Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in the mix. As suggested in the trailers, the Winter Soldier is a catalyst to the Cap’s decision to go full rogue.

“Each of our stories helps educate the other person’s point of view. Both stories are critical, but you get a sense where each of us are coming from. That’s the goal here I don’t think anyone is close to being a clear good guy. People will walk out and have a different opinion on whose side to take,” Evans further explained.

The original story of “Civil War” has been a pivotal point in the overall dynamics of the whole MCU. And while Marvel Studios is known to deviate from the existing source, it cannot be ruled out that they might actually leave Cap dead after a jaw-dropping twist by the end of the film. RDJ has even hinted about a “bittersweet” ending.

On the other hand, when Evans was asked about his thoughts on the matter, the actor managed to keep it spoiler-free and just coyly teased, “You never know! That does happen in the comic books. Cap does die, so that’s always in the back of your head,” adding “It’s been a good run. No regrets and no complaints.”

Shall Directors Joe and Anthony Russo bring Captain down that path, it is possible to revive him especially with the Avengers at the brink of “Infinity War.”

“Captain America: Civil War” makes its grand debut in theaters on May 6.