Captain America: Civil War plot, release date news: Opposing sides revealed


The Marvel Cinematic Universe film pitting two of its main stars against each other will not be coming out until next year.

However, reports have already revealed who will be siding with whom when the Civil War ignites.

According to iDigital Times, Captain America’s primary ally will be his best friend Bucky Barnes, who was revealed to be alive as The Winter Soldier and being controlled by HYDRA after falling off a train during a sortie during World War Two.

iDigital Times surmised that Bucky has finally regained his memories of his days with Captain America more than 70 years ago, which he had no recollection of after his enhancements with HYDRA.

Comic Book reported that, based on concept art released by Marvel revealed that Bucky will be joined by Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Agent 13 a/k/a Sharon Carter, the niece of Peggy Carter.

Opposing them with Iron Man will be Black Widow, War Machine, Vision and Black Panther.

Spider-Man, who was the subject of a deal between Marvel and Sony that stipulated the web-slinger’s appearance in an MCU film before his stand-alone movie, was not seen in the concept art. Comic Book theorized that Peter Parker’s decision will be pivotal to the plot’s outcome, so he is not expected to take a side at the start of the conflict but only do so in the middle.

Heroic Hollywood also reported that The Winter Soldier and Captain America will be fighting Iron Man together as a team. While the combination of two enhanced soldiers could easily make short work of Tony Stark, the article revealed that Iron Man will also be equipping himself with the Mark 46 armor when facing the two best friends.

Able to improve Stark’s intellect and fighting abilities to superhuman abilities, Movie News Guide reported, the Mark 46 will be more than a match even against a tag team of The Winter Soldier and Captain America.