'Captain America: Civil War' news: Russo brothers explain plot strategy


The upcoming new Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Captain America Civil War” will bring together several characters of the MCU, all the while introducing a number of new characters in their universe. The number of superheroes in the film rival that of the “Avengers,” making “Captain America” almost like the former. With the presence of so many heroes, fans may be worried about how each of them will get enough scree timeespecially the new oneswithout making them feel like secondary cast members.

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, film directors Joe and Anthony talked about how they managed to tell a story that gives balanced attention to each character, without putting anyone into the background. As it turned out, telling a story that has multiple protagonists is the specialty of the brothers.

“We love ensembles, but I think we’re kind of in tune to the idea of telling the story that has more than a single protagonist,” said Anthony Russo. “We like that kind of story. We like depth storytelling. We like layered storytelling. Joe and I, as we were developing the script with the writers, we like to pick a path and look at the script from every different character’s point of view. Even though it’s Cap’s movie, and the ultimate way we decide where to go with the film is filtered through Cap’s perspective, we do take time and walk ourselves through the story from every single character’s point of view as if it’s their movie.”

Also, Anthony Russo explained that they understand that someone in the audience will surely be a fan of a certain character and will feel bad it f the character gets benched in the film. In the end, the directors aim to bring satisfaction to everyoneregardless who their personal favorite superhero in the film is, be it Captain America, Iron Man, Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man, Ant-Man, or anyone else.

Catch “Captain America: Civil War” as it opens in theaters on May 6.