'Captain America: Civil War' update: Producer Nate Moore weighs in on Team Captain America, Team Iron Man


Given that “Captain America: Civil War” is Captain America’s (Chris Evans) third standalone movie, fans assume that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) will be the villain. The two superheroes did not always agree on things as depicted in the last two Avengers movies. The difference this time, however, is that in the aforementioned movies, everything was in fairground as they were ensemble projects, but with Tony diving into Steve’s world, he may very well be portrayed as an enemy instead of an ally.

Producer Nate Moore sat down with Screen Rant and talked about the scenario of putting Iron Man in a new setting where he could be painted differently. Moore confessed that it was one of the biggest challenges they faced when the studio decided to bring “Civil War” to the big screen.

In the comics, Tony was portrayed as the villain with his snarky comments and bloated ego, but the producer revealed that in the movie, fans will be treated to a more complex situation than just simply picking right vs. wrong.

“In the film I think the big focus for us in breaking the story was making Tony’s argument so compelling that you go, ‘he’s kinda right.’ And then making Cap so compelling that you go, ‘he’s kinda right.’ For very different reasons. And they’re both motivated by two very different things,” he said.

Battling over the Sokovia Accords, the movie’s take on the Superhero Registration Act, Captain America will still be haunted by the incidents in “Winter Soldier” when he found out that S.H.I.E.L.D. was just a mask for Hydra. Iron Man, on the other hand, has learned his lesson when he freely made Ultron in “Avengers 2.”

The addition of Bucky (Sebastian Stan) in the mix ,who is being hunted down by officials, adds dimension to the story not just on Steve’s side but on Tony’s as well. As previously reported, there are speculations that Bucky may actually have something to do with the death of Tony’ parents. Whether this will be Tony’s ultimate motivation or not, Moore revealed that something will happen to Tony, which will make him the most motivated out of all the Avengers to win this war.

In the same Screen Rant interview, directors Anthony and Joe Russo also gave an insight on the brewing war between MCU’s most iconic superheroes. “We want to be torn between these two guys, we don’t want to play safe with either guy by any means. We want to be torn between them,” Anthony said.

Find out which side will win when “Captain America: Civil War” drops on May 6.