Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan news: Boxer Danny Garcia thinks Khan has a good chance for an upset


WBC Welterweight Champion Danny Garcia believes that Amir Khan has a very good chance in beating Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in their upcoming fight.

The Cinco de Mayo showdown between Alvarez and Khan received backlash with some calling it an uneven match because of the stark difference between the two fighters. Alvarez has been getting most of the taps to emerge victorious with his built and experience, but pro-boxer Garcia thinks that the 29-year-old fighter, Khan, has a decent chance in winning the fight

“I think Khan has the perfect style to beat Canelo. If you’re talking talent, I think Khan is definitely more talented than Canelo,” Garcia told Tim Hobbs of Sky Sports.

“The only thing is, can he sustain Canelo’s attack and power? Can he survive in the later rounds,” the boxer added, asking the same question previously posed by acclaimed boxing trainer Freddie Roach in reference to Khan’s endurance.

Garcia and Khan already have a history together. The 28-year-old Garcia met Khan in the boxing ring back in 2012’s light-welterweight fight, where he beat the British boxer. Having first hand experience on what Khan can do in 12 rounds, he is adamant that if Khan starts strong and maintains his footwork and speed, he has a good chance at an upset against Alvarez.

“But I think Khan is going to start good in the fight. If he has a strong finish, if he finishes strong, he has a chance to win the fight. He has to be able to take a big punch.”

Khan for his part remains unfazed by the lopsided prediction against him. The boxer has been training hard for the May 7 date even revealing that he has gotten faster over the course of his preparation this is despite putting up weight.

Fighthype visited the boxer’s camp to see how he is doing, where he told the media outlet, “This is the weight I’m going into the fight. The speed is still there, man.”

“They’re saying the speed isn’t there. Are you crazy? The speed is there. I think I’m getting faster,” Khan continued while shadow boxing and doing rounds inside the ring.

He has also been working on his footwork, claiming that it is the key for him to beat Alvarez.

“The times I’ve been put down in fights is because my positioning was so bad. My footwork wasn’t in the right position. If you are in a good position and you have good balance and you’re stabilized, you can take a hard shot.”