Camille Grammer news: Reality star defends Yolanda Foster; says questioning illness 'in poor taste'


Following the controversies about the legitimacy of Yolanda Foster’s condition, one of her fellow reality stars comes to her defense and believes that it is in poor taste for people to question her.

In a recent Bravo blog, Camille Grammer updated fans about her life and recounted the story when she found out she has Stage 2 Endometrial Cancer back in 2013. Upon learning about her illness, she said that she wants the word to get out there to make people aware since no one is talking about the disease.

She then became the spokesperson and chairperson of National Race to End Woman’s Cancer and shared that it has shaped how she views other people’s struggles particularly about “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster. “Having been through my battle with cancer, I feel uncomfortable for Yolanda. Listening to the chatter questioning the validity of Yolanda’s illness is troubling to me. Lyme disease is very debilitating,” she said.

“Being from the East Coast, I know Lyme disease is quite common and may lay dormant and may produce flu-like symptoms, as well as neurological issues. It’s in poor taste to question anyone’s illness diagnosed through specific testing by their doctor. I pray that she finds a cure for her Lyme disease and starts feeling much better,” she added.

Foster’s condition has been the topic of the recent episodes in the show when her fellow cast members have begun questioning the extent of her illness. Taylor Armstrong started questioning the validity of it during a birthday party, while the others doubted her health.

On a separate blog, Kyle Richards has defended her remarks seen in the installments saying that she and Yolanda had previous discussions on what could make her symptoms worse in order to address them.

Richards added that they were looking for every possibility. “I spoke of my own personal experience after losing my mom. I feel that for ME it was depression that brought on the fibromyalgia, which also has similar symptoms to Lyme Disease,” she said.

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