Call of Duty Black Ops 3 news: Safe House feature allows players to customize classes; Co-op cyborgs, zombies, and upgraded soldiers expected


A more social version of Call of Duty will be made available with Black Ops 3 since the developers created a very neat social space called Safe House.

In the Safe House, players can decorate, customize classes, and spend their XP. This is also where players can talk to their friends and know where they are in the game. This also allows for easier management of multi-player modes in a single session. Aside from this, the Safe House will allow for a seamless transition between multiple games in a single session.

In addition to the impressive Safe House feature for multiplayer mode, PC Gamer reported that zombies mode is definitely confirmed for Black Ops 3 as well as the existence of co-op cyborgs. The comprehensive demo of the game’s features will also be shown at the Comic Con in San Diego. According to iDigitalTimes, gamemakers Activision and Treyarch will have a demo that will run for a whole hour at the San Diego Comic Con on July 9<sup>th.

Game Rant compliments Call of Duty for its very solid online server connections which makes it a real treat for gamers. At almost seven months of supreme server connections for gamers, it makes the game more palatable to gamer appetite because it does not let them experience the downtime that some engaging but non-robust games are fatally infamous for.

Black Ops will be released this November 6, 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, and PS4. Gotta be Mobile reported that an early way to test the upgraded soldiers and multiplayer modes is possible through the beta version which is available starting August. Pre-orders are necessary to qualify for the beta version testing of the game. Sites such as Mashable have already began providing tips for less skilled players to catch on with the Black Ops 3 fever.