'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' news: 'Awakening' is the last DLC for PS3; 'Call of Duty' League competition can be streamed from PS4


Owners of old generation consoles may be saddened to find out that the last downloadable content pack for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” to be released on their platform will be “Awakening.”

According to the official support site of Activision, the publishers have no plans on having others DLCs for the Playstation 3 version after the first one. They also confirmed that the expansion marks the end of Zombie content, and there will be no continuation in the story. “Awakening” is now rolling out for the console on standalone purchase only for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

In a related note, Activision has kicked off the finals for the first stage of its so-called “Call of Duty” League competition earlier this week. Players of PlayStation 4 received a feature that allows them to watch the live event straight from their devices, without having to leave the game.

Game director Dan Bunting shared that one of the purposes of the new feature is to make their players more engaged in the franchise and even in esports. “The viewer comes off a long string of features that Treyarch developed with a core philosophy to bring as much content to our fans as we can. Not just content that we create, but content that comes from the community and that it embraces as its own,” Bunting explained.

“It’s really a part of our motivation to build as much interest at a grassroots level for competitive ‘Call of Duty’ esports. We started learning about competitive gaming with ‘Black Ops I’. That was the first project where we tried to understand it and incorporate it into our own methodologies,” he added.

Meanwhile, PS4 owners can get their hands on the second DLC pack dubbed as “Eclipse,” slated to arrive on April 19. It brings four multiplayer maps and a new zombie-themed chapter “Zetsubou No Shima.” It also highlights the adventure of the Origins characters tackling new terrifying zombie enemies, navigating innovative transport mechanics and completing side quests on the Pacific Island, set during World War II era.

“‘Eclipse’ continues to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the most exciting gameplay experiences possible with each DLC pack. We are pushing ourselves at every turn to craft new and unique ways to play,” zombie mode director Jason Blundell stated.