‘Call of Duty: WWII’ latest news: Level cap increased, new mode added in game’s beta version

An image of the "Call of Duty: WWII Valor Collection Pro." (EB Games Australia)

Another update comes to the “Call of Duty: WWII” beta version. This time, the changes included an increase in the game’s level cap and added a new mode.

Developer Sledgehammer Games announced the update in a post on the game’s official community website. The level cap, which was previously pegged at 30, now stands at 35. With the increase, players will get to unlock new items that will help their campaign.

“We have increased the level cap to 35!,” wrote Sledgehammer. “This means you now have new weapons, basic training, and equipment available, such as the M1928 and the Flamethrower Scorestreak,” the developers went on to say.

Moreover, they also announced the new mode titled “Kill Confirmed.” Gamespot reported that the new mode requires gamers to pick up the dog tags of the enemies they have shot to complete the kill.

Sledgehammer also thanked the fans for their feedback, which was their basis for the latest update. “TDM match limit is now at 100.  Kills on Domination are also now 100 points. We also reduced Molotovs to one per score streak, and raised the difficulty of the paratroopers,” the post added.

They said that they will closely monitor community feedback and game data regarding the changes. Doing so will help them decide what appears on the game’s final version.

Last month, a “Call of Duty: WWII” private beta live stream posted by Gamespot showed that the game no longer features a kill cam. A kill cam has been a staple for “Call of Duty” matches in the past, showing a replay of a player’s final kill. “WWII’s” beta, on the other hand, showed the turning point or highlight of the matches.

Should the removal of the kill cam take effect in the final version, the instances of having mediocre kill highlights will be lessened.

“Call of Duty: WWII” comes out on Nov. 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.