Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 spoilers: Jake and Amy romance will have greater focus: new captain will change show's story arcs


The Captain usually steers the ship and in the case of the police force, the shift and everything that goes with it. With Captain Holt’s departure, a new Captain is about to join the crew in Fox’s hit workplace comedy Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

Executive producer Dan Goor teased that the new chief will be completely different and extremely interesting for the show’s upcoming story arcs. With the Holt and Gina duo is gone, fans are wondering if Gina will be reprising her role under the lead of the new Captain and it was confirmed that she will still play a role although it won’t be central to Season 3’s initial episodes.

“I can tell you that the character of this person is quite different. It’s not like he’s just the same as Holt, or she’s the same as Holt. We need a gender-neutral name! Let’s say Leslie no, that’s weird, let’s say Chris. Chris is a gender-neutral name! Let’s call the new captain Chris. Chris is not exactly the same as Holt, and something extremely interesting happens to Chris very soon after Chris joins the precinct,” Goor tells Entertainment Weekly.

Since Gina might not as visible in Season 3 compared to her hands-on involvement in Season 2, two rumors are circulating among the fans. First is that the new Captain (called “Captain Chris” by Goor) will bring his own Gina upon his inclusion in the 99<sup>th precinct. The second is that Gina will later on emerge to reprise her role with Holt as a plot twist.  

Meanwhile, Jake and Amy seem to have their own developing romantic story arc that will continue to blossom in Season 3. Some fans have been waiting for this to happen and it’s something worth watching out for in the upcoming season as well.