‘Bright’ news: Netflix orders sequel for blockbuster film

"Bright" stars WIll Smith as an LAPD cop. (Facebook/BrightMovie)

Netflix has just released its blockbuster movie “Bright” a few days ago, but it’s already looking towards the future of the fantastical world introduced in the movie. Two days after its release, the video streaming giant has already ordered a sequel to the fantasy buddy cop movie, with Will Smith set to anchor the franchise.

The movie introduced an alternate world where fantastical creatures exist in the modern timeline. The movie centers on LAPD police officer Daryl Ward, played by Smith, and his partner, an orc named Nick Jakoby, played by Joel Edgerton.

The cop duo is faced with a number of adversities, which range from fantastical takes on discrimination and racism, to deadly elf assassins that hunt for a magic wand what grants enormous supernatural powers.

“Bright” expands the real world into one that features the existence of fantastical creatures, like Fairies, Orcs, Elves, and Centaurs. In the alternate world, Orcs suffer discrimination from humans and experience unfair judgment even from other orcs.

The movie was directed by David Ayer, who also directed the much-maligned “Suicide Squad” from 2016. The supporting cast of the movie includes Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Ike Barinholtz, Happy Anderson, Kenneth Choi, and Margaret Cho. It has not been announced which of the cast will be coming back for the sequel.

The film was set up to allow for a number of sequels and prequels, as it features a unique universe rich in fantastical history, and it also hints at a looming evil power that is yet to come. Depending on its performance, “Bright” and its sequel could set up a full multiple film franchise that could involve different timelines and settings.

Although Netflix made its name for its highly-acclaimed original television series, the company has been taking steps to solidify its place as a major player in terms of blockbuster movies, with titles like “Okja” and “Bright.”