'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' spoilers: Chapter 5 to tackle mystery over deciphered scroll and outcome of two villains heading Konoha's way


In the previous chapter of the monthly sequel series, “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” it was revealed that two enemies were making their way to Konoha right after discovering the Seventh Hokage there. And with this storyline, it’s quite obvious that some serious trouble is heading Konoha’s way in the upcoming chapter.

Back in chapter 4, there was confusion and a lot of rumors about what could have been inside the scrolls that Sasuke found and eventually decoded. What he eventually found out should be a pretty big concern because he rushed to inform Naruto about it.

Meanwhile, Boruto, along with his teammates, were in the process of completing the Chunin examinations, and Boruto was trying to make use of the Kote on Phase 3 just to be able to overcome the challenges in the exams.

Now, one of the most intriguing prospects of chapter 5 is the connection between the message hidden in the scroll and the sudden request of Sasuke to Naruto to put a halt to the Chunin exams. Why in the world would Sasuke do that in the first place? Is there an alarming event that’s about to happen? Well, the fact that there will always be villains who will do anything to come after the kyubi inside Naruto is reason enough for Sasuke to advice against going on with the exams, and instead they should be preparing themselves for the imminent danger headed their way.

The upcoming chapter will definitely deal with the incoming threat, but there’s no available information right now about whether or not the Hokage will heed Sasuke’s advice to put a stop to the exams for the meantime. His decision will definitely have a major impact on the safety of everyone in Konoha. Obviously, Sasuke will eventually need to reveal the information in the scroll.