'Borderlands' release date, news: 'The Handsome Collection' dished out for free; third installment to feature skill tree?


“Borderlands” fans were given an early Halloween treat over the weekend as Microsoft announced that the first-person shooter’s special edition collection dubbed as “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection” was deemed free to download for the Xbox Live members.

For those who are new to the game franchise, “The Handsome Collection” contains a couple of “Borderlands” titles “Borderlands 2” and “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” together with their respective game expansions, making it a must-have for every fan of the series.

Moreover, the collection has been improved to live up to the specifications of the current generation of consoles. Graphics-wise, “The Handsome Collection” was tweaked for a better gaming experience especially during multiplayer battles. It is said that a maximum of four players can participate through split-screen mode which will be featured in the game for the first time.

Fans might remember that previous titles had the aforementioned split-screen capability, though, it could only accommodate up to two players. In addition, the frame rate during the said game mode automatically gets toned down during gameplay.

Meanwhile, many are asking when the third main installment in the game series will be released. There are even talks stating that in the event that a sequel actualizes, character classes will be featured, not to mention the inclusion of a so-called skill tree. The rumored installment could also showcase new combatants alongside the original characters with an expected revamp on their appearance and attributes.

One of the elements in the game franchise that is believed to be included in the yet to be announced follow-up is the hints of humor blended with fourth-wall-breaking dialogues albeit the fast-paced action.

Gearbox Software, on the other hand, has yet to make a statement regarding “Borderlands 3.” However, they assured fans that it is in the pipeline.