‘The Book of Henry’ director Colin Trevorrow breaks down new film

A promotional image for "The Book of Henry" (Facebook/thebookofhenrymovie)

“The Book of Henry” differs from the 2015 “Jurassic World” movie. However, Colin Trevorrow did not hesitate to take the directorial job because, for him, the film has a significant story.

“I read it before I was offered ‘Jurassic World’ and I knew I had to do it,” Trevorrow told Entertainment Weekly.

The upcoming family drama film follows Henry Carpenter (Jaeden Lieberher), an 11-year-old kid who is wise beyond his years. Susan (Naomi Watts), a waitress, raised him and his brother, Peter (Jacob Tremblay), on her own.

Henry has a crush on Christina Sickleman (Maddie Ziegler), her classmate and next-door neighbor.

The Carpenters’ lives start to change when Henry finds out that Christina’s stepfather, Police Commissioner Glenn Sickleman, harms Christina.

Through his journal, Henry tells his mother and brother about the girl and why they need to help her. Susan gets on board when she witnessed what Glenn was doing to his stepdaughter. In addition, no one seems to believe them.

Hence, her eldest son sketches a rescue plan.

“I just share its values: I believe that we have a responsibility to take care of each other and that the best of us inspires others and guides them through the darkness. It was very important to me to make a movie like this now because we’re living in very divided times,” Trevorrow explained.

Regardless of the genre and film budget, Trevorrow always does his best to produce a high-caliber movie.

“It was the kind of story that I’d never seen before and I really wanted to do something new,” said Trevorrow. He will also direct the upcoming “Star Wars” sequel – “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

He added that it is easier to deal with a $200 million budget than to find emotionally-charged movie deals.

The Book of Henry” will hit theaters on June 16.