'Bones' season 12 news: Show returns for 2016-2017 season, to bid farewell to fans


As fans look forward to the midseason premiere of “Bones” season 11, they are given a bittersweet update about the show’s new season.

The American crime procedural and drama television series will be coming back for the 2016 to 2017 season for its 12th and final run. The show will consist of 12 episodes, which will be a total of 246 episodes in the series and the longest running show in the network. Season 12 is expected to bring closure to the story of Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz), and their FBI teams, as well as a chance for fans to bid farewell.

Boreanaz is pleased with the decision of the network, “This is for the fans! Thank you to everyone at Fox and, of course, Dana and Gary for all your support,” noted Fox.

His co-star Deschanel added, “I am thrilled the show will have the ending it deserves for all of our amazing, loyal fans!”

Executive producers and showrunners Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson have the same focus, which is to give an excellent ending for the fans of the “Bones” series.

“Also knowing there is a Season 12, we can now write the most rewarding Season 11 finale possible – one we hope will leave our fans excited for what’s to come in this final season of BONES.”

Meanwhile, season 11 of the show is expected to return to the small screen on Apr. 14 for episode 11, titled “The Death in the Defense.”

The story will pick up eight weeks after the tragic explosion in the previous episode, where Dr. Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) finds himself confined in a wheel chair and rehabilitation. His wife Angela (Michaela Conlin) will do her best to support her husband, but they will also be experiencing challenges in their marriage, as the former pushes the latter away.

On the other hand, Brennan and Booth will be looking into the case of a public defender that had several perpetrators in the past.

“Bones” season 11 will premiere on Apr. 14 on Fox.