Bones season 11 spoilers – Brennan and Booth's return to the Jeffersonian over murder case will have elements of mystery and fun, says show runner


Season 11 of the FOX series “Bones” is set to premiere on October 1st, and its showrunners have given viewers a tease on what the new season will be about.

According to CarterMatt, the new season’s synopsis reveals that there is a time jump in the 11th season’s premiere. Specifically, the season premiere will take place six months after the events of the 10th season’s finale. Brennan and Booth have left their old jobs and have moved on to a new town. However, the lure of investigating will not leave the two as a mysterious murder will force them to reassemble with their former friends at the Jeffersonian and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Former executive producer Stephen Nathan had earlier hinted to The Hollywood Reporter that there is a reunion of sorts in the eleventh season of Bones.

“[T]he mystery and the fun of Season 11 is how is this team going to reassemble. How is life going to go on? At what point do we pick them up?” the former showrunner had said.

Nathan had also said that, after leaving the Jeffersonian, the two protagonists will be able to tackle their former job from a new perspective. This, he said, will also have effects on how Booth and Brennan will approach the investigation that they will be involved in on Season 11.

The Latin Post reports that the show’s new execs, Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier, have revealed the title of the season premiere. In a post on Twitter last week, Peterson said that episode 1, Season 11 of “Bones” will be titled “The Loyalty in the Lie.”

The post included a photo in which the new title was written, apparently by Collier and photographed by Peterson.

Peterson had earlier posted on Twitter that the season premiere will be titled “The Revelation in the Remains,” the Latin Post added.