'Bones' season 11 spoilers: Fall finale has cowboy theme, team investigate cop killer


Expect a fun fall finale as Bones and Booth welcome the holidays with a Wild West themed episode.

The episode titled “Cowboy in the Contest” will air on Dec. 10 and is expected to end the first half of season 11. It will see both Brennan and Booth going undercover in an Old West-style saloon. The fun will not stop there as they will have to join a contest in the process.

Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins will start discussing plans for their family. Cam, on the other hand, will have a chance to get close to Sebastian Kohl.

In the promo for the episode, the team is seen observing a corpse, and Angela quips that it looks as if “he was killed at the OK Corral.” Perhaps, this is what will prompt Brennan and Booth to don their cowboy gear to mingle with the regulars at the saloon.

It is expected that the couple will find themselves challenged to a shootout at high noon.

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Meanwhile, in the second part of the fall finale titled “The Doom in the Boom,” the team will deal with the case of a police officer that will heavily impact the Jeffersonian and the FBI. In the episode, Booth will work with Leslie Green, a behavioral analyst who will help with assessing who the culprit is.

This season saw its unlikely crossover with supernatural show “Sleepy Hollow,” which the network aired as part of its Halloween special.

In the two-part special titled “Dead Men Tell No Tales” and “Its All Greek Fire To Me,” Booth and Brennan came face-to-face with Ichabod and Abbie to work on the case of some human remains. The two teams later find that they’re going after the same evidence. The latter episode saw the appearance of Ichabod’s nemesis the Headless Horseman, so he sought the help of Booth and Brennan and their forensic skills to put a stop to the supernatural being.

Bones airs every Thursdays on Fox at 8/7c.