Bones season 11 spoilers:Kim Raver plays new agent who won't see eye to eye with Bones; Booth goes head to head with Aubrey


Grey’s Anatomy alum Kim Raver will be joining Bones Season 11 to appear in the first two episodes to play FBI Agent Grace Miller who will be in charge of finding Agent Booth (David Boreanaz), who will be missing when the show opens on Oct. 1.

According to a report by Design and Trends, Miller is expected to clash with Brennan, who will reportedly be frustrated by the agent’s seemingly impartial approach to locating her husband.

“She (Miller) is sort of the impartial view. She doesn’t know what Booth has gotten himself into. Has he done something unlawful, or is he the victim? She doesn’t know and she doesn’t care,” Executive Producer Michael Peterson said to TVGuide.

“They [Miller and Brennan] absolutely clash. We have two strong, intelligent women and we let them go head-to-head,” Peterson further explained.

It is being speculated that Booth’s disappearance may involve family matters with the arrival of his sister in law Padme. Rumors are rife that Booth’s brother Jared may have died after he did not appear in the show for a while and this may lead to the arrival of his wife.

Still, the disappearance could have a positive outcome in the end as this will lead Brennan and Booth to finally decide to return to the Jeffersonian to do the thing they love.

When they do make their comeback, however, its Booth’s turn to clash with another character— James Aubrey, who seems to have taken over his office while he was away for six months.

“Aubrey is in a place of new power. With Booth gone for six months, he’s really shown off what an incredible agent he is on his own. He’s taken over Booth’s office,” Peterson said.

Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins will not be free from drama as they will be faced with a calamity of their own.