'Bones' season 11 news: Hodgkins' paralysis to affect relationship with Angela; Bones, Brennan to face external threat


The relationship of Hodgkins and Angela will be tested when “Bones” returns for the second half of season 11 in the aftermath of the show’s fall finale.

In the mid-season finale of the show, all the main characters of the show remained alive in the aftermath of a blast that killed several police officers and injured Hodgkins, rendering him paralyzed from the waist down, Entertainment Weekly reported.

This came as a big blow as he and Angela were discussing whether or not they should start their own family.

“This isn’t just about Hodgins. This is about Hodgins and Angela as a couple. We really want to test their relationship, and we figured this would be a good way to do it. It’s going to get really difficult for them. We believe in them as a couple, but we really want to push them… There’s a good chance he will never walk again,” “Bones” co-showrunner John Collier said in a TVLine interview.

Another relationship that is expected to be tested in the show’s return is that of Booth and Brennan.

It can be recalled that last year, the couple faced challenges in their relationship with Booth’s gambling problems. However, this time around, Collier said that the writers are cooking up an external force to threaten the couple.

“It’s not a Pelant thing. But we do want them in harm’s way. They’re strong as a couple, dealing with something that is a real threat,” he said.

The showrunner also shared his views on writing the season finale without an assurance of a renewal from Fox.

“Right now we’re approaching it as if the show is coming back, but… we could turn [the script] either way. Our hope is to keep things going into next year,” he said.

“Something from outside is going to happen and it’s going to put them, as a couple, under duress. Last year, we did Booth’s gambling [problem] reawakening and threatening their relationship that was something that was happening between them. Now it’s an external force that’s going to threaten them,” he added.