Bones season 10 finale: hunt for the mimicking serial killer is on, Angela and Hodgins explore a different life together


Following the May 8 announcement of the season renewal of Bones by Fox network, fans now eagerly await the finale entitled “The End is the End” with a slew of cliffhangers for the continuity towards season 11’s pilot. The season 10 finale is set for showing this June 11 according to a report by Christian Today, with a focus on solving the cases of an unknown and dangerous mimicking serial killer and on the personal side, Angela’s doubts about going to Paris with her husband and its potential conflicts.

The Jeffersonians are now having a hard time with solving the case of the season a killer who has been imitating all the past cases they have fixed before, possibly on purpose. The modus operandi of the said killer is reminiscient of Christopher Pelant’s. Christopher Pelant first appeared in the seventh season of Bones. He was a former computer hacker turned serial killer with a huge motivation and hate towards the FBI because of his conviction. The mimicking of his style raises speculation that he might have trained the new killer for the current season according to Christian Today. The case also requires the team to dig through their past records of the nightmarish encounter that they had with Pelant before.

According to Carter Matt entertainment blog, the synopsis contains some exploration of Angela and Hodgins’ options in living outside of the FBI and the Jeffersonian team. The chemistry between mily Deschanel and David Boreanaz’s character as they explore their conflicted feelings of staying loyal to the team and exploring a safer life outside of their line of duty is something that can be tied up in the finale.

Prior to these considerations, there were contract issues that had to be ironed out to help renew the show for another season according to a report by the USA Today.