'Boku no Hero Academia' chapter 107 spoilers, news: Shiketsu student and Denki start fighting after Bakuguo is defeated


The previous chapter of “Boku no Hero Academia” revealed how the students of Shiketsu High wanted to prove that they were just as good as those who are in U.A. High. The mysterious shapeshifter girl’s true form was also revealed, and in the last frame of chapter 106, Deku told Uraraka and Sero about what they need to do to win.

Chapter 106 started with a glimpse of the examinations where 54 have already passed. Those who passed were told to go to the waiting room, and as the U.A. and Shiketsu High students mingled, it was revealed that those from Shiketsu appeared to be quite intense and socially awkward.

Meanwhile, the unnamed girl who was toying with Deku continued to ask him bizarre questions while attacking him. As she attacked, Deku noticed that her clothes seemed to be disintegrating until she was naked. Her state of undress baffled Deku, and she was able to sneak in a punch. Deku was saved by the arrival of Sero and Uraraka, and the former shot long strips of tape from his hands to form a barrier between the girl and Deku.

Back at the school, a male Shiketsu student declared how they honored their school’s tradition by wearing their school caps in all activities. He believes that those who do not go to Shiketsu are beneath him, and this angered Bakuguo. As the two fought, it was revealed that 58 of the examinees have passed, and Deku told Uraraka and Sero they need to work together on their target.

In chapter 107, the battle between the Shiketsu student and Bakuguo continues, and it appears that the student has the ability to cut off portions of the body and manipulate them to his liking. He can also crumple human flesh and roll them into a ball. The student does this to Bakuguo, and Denki appears and reminds the student of the nature of the exam. The student says that he will continue to reject all of them just as he always did, and the two start to fight. Denki hits the student with his electric powers, and later, he realizes that he can benefit from this quirk.

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