'Boku no Hero Academia' chapter 106 spoilers, news: Iida and Uraraka to rescue Deku?


In chapter 105 of “Boku no Hero Academia,” a mysterious and beautiful student from Shiketsu High played a baffling game with Deku and tried to get him to divulge his secrets. But whenever Deku attacked, the girl disappeared.

The chapter also featured an earthquake which caused havoc all over the campus. Uraraka was separated from her other classmates, and she refused to call for help as she didn’t want the enemy to find her.

Meanwhile, Deku became mystified at the girl’s actions and wondered why she just didn’t fight him right then and there. Instead, she spent most of her time tormenting him with her questions. The two started to fight, and Deku found out that he seemed to have difficulty in attacking her. Later, the other examinees started to target Deku, and he chose to escape, possibly to plan his next move.

As he ran out, Uraraka called out to Deku and told him to join her. Deku thought that something appeared to be amiss with Uraraka. Later, Uraraka tripped, and Deku risked everything to save her. All Might’s discipline activated his Quirk while kicking a boulder and he saved his friend. The two went into hiding, and Uraraka apologized for what happened. Deku seemed to think that she was lying, and Uraraka praised him for his observations and revealed that she is not Uraraka, but the mysterious girl from Shiketsu High.

At this point, the real Uraraka is still in hiding, while Deku is in danger of being attacked by the girl and the other examinees. It is predicted that in chapter 106, Iida and Uraraka will come to Deku’s rescue and save him from his attackers. According to Hofmag, it’s possible that the two will tell Deku that their whole class needs to stick together, and that Deku, Iida, and Uraraka will immediately look for the rest of Class 1-A.