'Blue Bloods' season 7 air date news, spoilers: Danny goes to trial; Frank to find new love?


Danny gets dragged back down the rabbit hole when “Blue Bloods” returns for its seventh season.

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) finds himself in hot water when new evidence is presented against him for shooting serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi) in the previous season’s 20th episode titled, “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

The cat-and-mouse chase between Danny and Thomas was one of the highlights of season 6, which culminated in Thomas abducting Danny’s niece, Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle), and Danny eventually shooting Thomas in self-defense after the serial killer mocked him and pretended to pull out a gun. Thomas turned out to be unarmed, and the motivation behind Danny’s action against him gets questioned.

Did Danny shoot Thomas to defend himself, or did he shoot the serial killer in cold blood for threatening his family?

In a preview of the first episode of season 7 posted on “Blue Bloods'” official YouTube account, assistant district attorney (ADA) Erin Reagan-Boyle (Bridget Moynahan) is shown advising her brother to keep his temper in check after Danny claimed point blank that he meant what he said about wanting to kill Thomas. Outbursts like this, which are not above Danny’s explosive personality, could send him to court on a murder charge, and his career and as well as his family’s legacy could be on the line.

Additionally, the official synopsis posted by CBS for “Blue Bloods” season 7 also teases a drunk-driving case that involves a public figure, which Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and his partner Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) will respond to. Also, a police officer’s widow will ask Comm. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) to reject her son’s application into the police force. Frank is also rumored to be getting a romantic partner in the upcoming season, although details about who she is or where and how the commissioner will meet her are still scarce.

“Blue Bloods” season 7 will kick off on Friday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.