'Bloodline' season 3 news: Netflix drama remains in Florida despite lack of tax credit


With all the unexpected things that have transpired in “Bloodline” season 2, one thing is for sure coming to the new installment, the family drama is still having Florida as its main backdrop.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos exclusively confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that “Bloodline” will continue to film the majority of the show in the “Sunshine State,” at least for season 3. The media outlet caught up with the company executive during the recently held Television Critics Association press tour.

“Yeah, for sure,” Sarandos answered when asked about the matter. “It’s an iconic location. The one thing that’s cool about Netflix shows is that those locations are characters. In the Hell’s Kitchen shows like ‘Daredevil,’ Hell’s Kitchen is a character we can’t fake it in Canada. So tax credits are a nice offset but if it doesn’t fit the creative, we’re not going to chase it.”

The decision to stay in Florida was made despite the lack of tax credit for “Bloodline.” The series had been fighting relentlessly to keep the show as local as possible, which in turn, helped the state create at least $91 million in economic output just in its debut season.

Meanwhile, fans are in for a different dynamic with regard to the Rayburn children. In fact, snippets of what may come have already been teased during the homestretch of season 1, with John (Kyle Chandler) killing his older brother, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn). In season 2, Mendelsohn continued to reprise his role as a series regular despite the fact that the black sheep of the family was already dead. Questions surrounding his death are still expected to haunt the family in the next season.

“Bloodline” co-creator Glenn Kessler has previously teased that viewers haven’t seen the last of Danny. Unfortunately, as to how and when the Rayburn eldest will come back is still being kept tightly under wraps, as his presence in the series will be a pivotal key to moving the story forward.

No official return date as of yet for “Bloodline” but fans can expect a 10-episode season 3 sometime in 2017.