'Bloodline' season 3 release date, spoilers: Netflix confirms show will stay in Florida


The hit family drama series on Netflix, “Bloodline,” would be retuning for a third season run, and it will still be set in the same state that it has been for the past two season of the show in Florida. Despite issues with production cost, as part of the price to pay for staying in the state for the brand-new season, the show would still keep its roots grounded in Florida Keys; at least for its entire third season.

The state of Florida, which is also known by the namesake of The Sunshine State, had been the home location of the show for the past two years amounting to two season’s worth of episodes, but in the past several weeks, the choice of location for the show as well as the fate of the entire new season itself had been questioned and doubted. Following the loss of the state’s tax incentives program, rumors had it that the production cost for the new season would be much higher as compared to before and that if the producers would not be able to move the show to a new location, the new season itself might not happen anymore.

However, it was revealed that such was not the case. Speaking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter during the Television Critics Association press tour last week, Ted Sarandos, content chief of streaming service Netflix, confirmed that the show would go on, and would remain to be set in Florida. He said that while saving money when it comes to taxes may be a good thing financially, they would not opt to sacrifice creativity over saving money.

“Yeah, for sure,” Sarandos said, when asked if the show would stay in Florida despite cost worries. “It’s an iconic location. The one thing that’s cool about Netflix shows is that those locations are characters. In the Hell’s Kitchen shows like ‘Daredevil,’ Hell’s Kitchen is a character we can’t fake it in Canada. So tax credits are a nice offset but if it doesn’t fit the creative, we’re not going to chase it.”

“Bloodline” season 3 is set to premiere sometime in 2017.