'Bloodline' season 2 premieres on Netflix


Last May 27, Netflix premiered the season 2 of its dark family drama, “Bloodline.” The thriller-drama created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman follows the dysfunctional family of the Rayburns as they grieve for the death of their brother/son, Danny, played by Ben Mendelsohn.

“The remaining siblings are trying to deal with what’s happened,” Linda Cardellini, who stars as Meg Rayburn, said of the second season to Variety. “They’re in survival mode.”

The first episode is somewhat a reminder. It’s like reintroducing the viewers to the characters and the mishap that happened within the family with the murder of Danny. John, played by Kyle Chandler, is problematic as the investigation on his brother’s murder continues and the problems just keep on coming as Danny’s son, Nolan (Owen Teague), shows up all of a sudden, while the Rayburns knew nothing about his existence. Another notable mention is his partner, Marco (Enrique Murciano), who digs deep into the Lowry case that could lead him into much serious trouble.

There are of course, the returning characters like local drug smuggler and bait shop owner Wayne Lowry (Glenn Morshower) as well as Danny’s friend and parolee Eric O’Bannon (Jamie McShane). These two are some of the characters who work to destroy the Rayburns.

Since fans won’t be seeing much of Danny in the TV series, the best thing “Bloodline” could offer them is to Danny appear as visions, whether in the form of flashbacks or flashforwards. 

Just like in the previous season, episode one somewhat gives its viewers pieces of juicy detail that would make one crave for more. The show delivered great performances from its actors, not to mention the suspenseful atmosphere of the location. It’s a shorter season to say the least, only summing up to 10 episodes compared to last season’s 13.