‘Blindspot’ season 2 plot news: EP explains Nas’ decision, teases Shepherd’s plan


The latest episode of “Blindspot” placed Nas (Archie Panjabi) on the hot seat. Will this mark her exit from the show?

After Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) squad failed to catch Sandstorm, Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams) interrogated them to gather evidence that would justify a congressional inquiry into their operation.

However, Nas made the biggest sacrifice and took full responsibility of the misstep so that the FBI agents could continue their pursuit of Sandstorm.

“She’s still very much out in the world on Blindspot,” executive producer Martin Gero told Entertainment Weekly. He also added that “hopefully situations will line up and she’ll maybe be able to come back and do some more.”

Gero stated that she already gave the team the road map that leads to the villain’s territory. He also said that Patterson (Ashley Johnson) will be taking her place as the key.

In “Senile Lines,” Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) is seen obtaining nuclear material from an associate in Bangkok. She also warned the associate to stay away from the Western Hemisphere during Phase 2.

“She’s a true believer, she believes what they’re doing is bigger than anyone, including her,” the showrunner teased. He even went on to say that “She’s insanely dangerous.”

In episode 19, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller are going to work together. The two will go undercover and take part on a high-risk scavenger hunt run by powerful hackers. Meanwhile, Shepherd is still in Thailand procuring more lethal weapons.

Gero admitted that no single tattoo on Jane’s body leads to Phase 2 as Shepherd wants to keep her true intentions hidden.

“But I will say, though, there is a moment at the end of episode 21 that all of the tattoos start to line up. You start to understand in a greater whole, not just the Weller of it all, what they were meant to do,” Gero further teased.

The next episode of “Blindspot” season 2 will air on Apr. 26 on NBC.