'Bleach' chapter 833 spoilers, plot news: An unusual alliance brings Yhwach down


Ichigo, Renji and Aizen will be all willing to set aside their differences in an effort to stop the tyrant Yhwach’s plans against Soul Society in the brand-new chapter of “Bleach.”

It can be remembered that in an unexpected turn of events, Aizen turned the tables on Yhwach after the latter freed the former from being trapped in the chair. Little did he know, however, that the former villain will be repulsed by his plans leading him to an unusual alliance with Ichigo and Renji. The former leader of the Arrancar Army’s reason is simply because he cannot see himself being a follower of anyone; instead, he wants to be the ruler of his own fate.

Spoilers courtesy of Manga Sail unfortunately suggest that Yhwach will still take the upper hand in four-way battle, even with Ichigo’s sword already having been restored. Furthermore, Renji’s Bankai will only be able to do so much as it will fail to give the impact that he is hoping for, joining the ranks of Ichigo’s and Aizen’s techniques.

With their backs against the wall, the trio will be forced to devise a plan to defeat the Emperor of the Wandenreich as doing it one-on-one will not do them any good. Interestingly, a decoy move will be what the three will execute. Just when Yhwach thought that he had already won by injuring Aizen and Ichigo, Ichigo surprisingly unleashes his Getsuga Tensh?, which is assumed to have hit the big baddie.

While this may be good news, fans from Manga Helpers, on the other hand, are just not convinced that it is the end of the Quincy. Some believe that although the plan has significantly injured Yhwach, he would still have the strength to continue the battle. This will prompt Inoue, Sado, Rukia and Ishida to eventually join Ichigo to finish the job.

With the end already looming as volume 74 is slowly coming, there are speculations that more intense and pivotal moments will be incorporated in the remaining chapters of the manga.