'Bleach' chapter 683 spoilers, plot news: Ryuuken, Ichigo and Aizen combine efforts to defeat Yhwach


Ryuuken will come to aid Ichigo in the upcoming chapter 683 of hit manga series “Bleach.”

It can be recalled that back in chapter 682, Ichigo along with Renji attacked Yhwach from behind after the latter stepped out of the portal and found Aizen on a chair. Yhwach and Aizen first had a confrontation about going all out with the Soul King’s son. Yhwach assumed that Aizen only wanted to protect the Soul Society but he straightened the record and said that it is not his purpose.

As the two continued to talk, Ichigo suddenly appeared and blasted Yhwach off. However, he successfully blocked the Shinigami’s assault. Meanwhile, Ryuuken arrived with Isshin and Ryuuken decided to pass the Arrow of Silver to Uryuu.

Hofmag predicts that following the face-off, Ryuuken will notice that Ichigo’s Zanpakuto is slightly broken. Uryuu will ask his father to immediately repair it using his Quincy powers. Moreover, the patriarch may also assist his son in beating Yhwach successfully.

Meanwhile, Aizen will help out and use his hypnosis in order to stop Yhwach from engaging them with the Almighty’s ability. It is assumed that Aizen may have nearly recovered most of his old powers. He may also try using his Kyoka Suigetsu again.

Moreover, with Ichigo’s Zangetsu Zanpakuto healed, he will go after Yhwach once more as Renji backs him up. The antagonist is believed to be strong on his own and will be able to throw off his contenders. Uryuu will also get into the melee and use his Antithesis resulting to his wounds being transferred to Yhwach. With the combined efforts of the characters, it is expected that Yhwach will lose in the end no matter how eager he is to defeat the rest.

However, since there is no official preview for chapter 683 of “Bleach,” available information should be taken with a grain of salt.