'Bleach' chapter 682 spoilers, plot: Ichigo on collision course with Yhwach, Aizen makes an appearance


The ghostly adventures and battles of Ichigo Kurosaki continue as chapter 682 of the popular Japanese manga series “Bleach” are given a bunch of speculations and rumors. Based on what is known about the chapter so far, fans of the Tite Kubo creation finally got the chance to once again see S?suke Aizen. But the new chapter isn’t just about Aizen as there seems to be a lot in store for the manga followers.

Per Design & Trend, it’s safe to assume that Aizen has been gone for so long that he should have allotted enough time to recover and eventually regain his power back, but it isn’t clear based on the leak if he’s already capable (and willing) to make use of Zanpakut?.

Meanwhile, while Aizen makes a return, Ry?ken and Isshin on the other hand found Ury? in the worst shape possible, while Ichigo himself saw his Zanpakut? break, eventually leading him to be utterly disappointed and unmotivated to clash with Ywach, with Renji by his side telling him hard to make a stand.

With so many events happening in the new chapter, one thing is quite sure: it’ll be one big mess for everyone involved. It’s expected that the crew of Ichigo will be making a daring plan to go after Yhwach, with one particular scene in which both Renji and Ichigo goes through an entrance that looks more like a gate, and then on the other side, Yhwach gets out of the portal, where he eventually sees Aizen sitting on a chair. Although Renji and Ichigo manage to launch an attack against Yhwach, with the later appearing to be clueless, the fact is Yhwach is clever and wise enough to keep himself protected.

With Ichigo lacking motivation in the new chapter, it’s unclear right now as to where the storyline of the manga series is going. If Ywach’s ability to alter the future is indeed legitimate, it’s pretty difficult to figure out how Ichigo could defeat him.