Bleach chapter 639 predictions may use poison to defeat Pernida, unstoppable power may come next


Bleach chapter 639 is set to come out on August 20 after its one week break, with rumors indicating that the Shinagamis will team up to beat the overpowered arm of the Soul King and a possible challenge after the fight.

Some fans and writers predict that chapter 639 might be a bleak fight for Mayuri Kurotsuchi. However, he may still have his final chance against Pernida Parnkgjas if he uses some weapon along with the help of other Soul Reapers. In the fight, Henry Ma in speculated that “As Mayuri starts to look weary of the fight at hand, it is hard not to think of the possibility that he might indeed lose this battle against Pernida. However, I will not be pulling the plug just yet for the mad scientist as we’ve seen him escape death once before (like when he fought against Uryuu). As for the rest of the Shinigami that accompanied Mayuri, I feel that they could possibly help in changing the outcome of this fight. Given that Hantaro Yamada can heal others, he might be able to help either Kenpachi or Mayuri get their energy back to defeat Pernida. But given the power of Pernida, it will be difficult for them to jump into the fight without getting hit by Pernida’s nerve attack.”

Mayuri may also resort to poison to defeat the left arm of the Soul King. Meanwhile, Yibada shares a prediction that Pernida will be defeated but the succeeding outcome will make it more interesting. It said that “Kinjiki Ashisogi Jizo is enough to remove Pernida from the fight, either by killing it completely or absorbing/consuming it to completely preserve the hand. Mayuri, only expecting to preserve a single finger of the left hand, is overzealous and begins raving about his unstoppable power.”

Fans get to confirm the details and predictions once Bleach chapter 639 comes out.

Bleach is a Japanese action adventure manga starting off initially from the escapades of Ichigo Kurosaki, a hot headed teenager who obtains the power of a Shinagami or a Death God from another Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. He then takes the responsibility for defending the human race from evil spirits as well as guiding departed souls to the afterlife. Its first series started in 2001.