'Blacklist' season 4 premiere news; Liz rumored to be making a comeback


Things got a little rocky this season as “Blacklist” season 3 saw the death of Elizabeth (Megan Boone). As the end draws near, Reddington (James Spader) and the rest of the FBI will try to close in on the perpetrator who is behind their colleague’s death.

The penultimate episode of the season titled “Alexander Kirk” will revolve around the man who is supposedly the master manipulator that led to the tragic events that recently transpired. The name popped up last week when Hargrave (Famke Janssen) told Reddington that a man named Alexander Kirk was the one responsible for the death of Liz.

With a new lead, the former high-profile criminal tries to track the enigmatic man down. But while Reddington assumes that they are getting closer to Kirk, they will be met by a roadblock that will push them to make an immediate decision.

While “Blacklist” is still standing by the story that Liz has already passed, some fans still hope that the FBI Special Consultant is just being kept away from the chaos. This is an effort to save her from a bigger catastrophe, which viewers might learn more about with the reveal of the mysterious Kirk.

Furthermore, Hargrave’s allegiance is still being a source of suspicion. Despite working hand-in-hand with the FBI, the running scene from the new trailer for the episode hints at a possible traitor which can conveniently be her given her background. Hargrave also “seductively” convincing Tom to team up with her with the promise of doing so much more together has only made her motives more dubious.

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode reads, “The FBI task force’s hunt for revenge nears its endgame. As Reddington and the team close in on the mysterious arch-criminal responsible for recent tragic events, they’re forced to operate outside their comfort zone — and outside the law — in order to take down their enemy once and for all.”

Meanwhile, after the season finale of the current installment of the show in just over a week, season 4 is expected to premiere sometime this fall, more likely between September to October. Unfortunately, NBC has still not confirmed the news. Shall rumors of Liz still being around be true, fans can expect a huge come back, delving deeper into what transpired in the recent episodes of the show. 

“Blacklist” season 3 airs every Thursday night, 9 P.M. EST on NBC.