Blacklist season 3: next season to explain more about Liz-Red dynamic


Very little has been said about Blacklist Season 3 since it went on hiatus. Despite that, debates have been going on online about the flow of events in the upcoming season of the show. It was recalled by Carter Matt that before the hiatus, a number of fans have already been requesting for a major villain from NBC but there has not been any breakthrough on the request.

Christian Today reported that the upcoming season’s focus might be the unveiling of Liz and Red’s complicated relationship. Previously, Red had a copy of Liz’s mother’s photo in his pocket. It was at about the same time that Liz recalled several tidbits from her past right after she shot Attorney General Tom Connolly. Her real identity was beginning to show itself through the cracks of her past. From her flashback, she saw that she shot her own father to protect her mom Katarina. But no other sequence showed if Katarina was indeed saved.

Cross Map focused on the fact that Red or Raymond Reddington was quite attached and devoted to Liz or Masha Rostova.

When interviewed, Megan Boone, who plays the character of Liz had this to say about Red: “I think people see how much Red loves her, and it is a confusing kind of love. I think that will have to be answered. How do you love someone that deeply — no matter what the circumstances, but especially when the circumstances are mysterious? I think she loves him, but I don’t think there are romantic feelings. … I don’t necessarily think it’s a (romantic) love story between Liz and Reddington, even though there are people out there that really feel that’s what they want.”

Romantic or paternal, the link between Red and Liz is truly worth looking out for in the upcoming Blacklist Season 3.