'Blacklist' season 3 episode 5 spoilers: Bounty placed on Liz's head; Red allies with FBI to protect her from the Cabal and other assassins


Former FBI agents-turned-fugitives Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen will still be on the run from all sorts of organizations hunting the latter when NBC’s hit drama action series “Blacklist” airs its fifth episode for season 3. 

Titled “Arioch Cain,” the synopsis reveals that Red continuously protects Liz to the extent that he may even be willing to work with the FBI in order to keep her away from a more dangerous enemy, the group only known as the Cabal. The episode welcomes back recurring guest star Paul Reubens as the antagonist Mr. Vargas who is leading the pursuit as he pretends to be an undercover FBI agent. He is also going to be working alongside Hisham Tawfiq’s Dembe. 

However, the dynamic duo may find it more difficult to keep each other alive as there is a seemingly large amount of bounty placed on Liz’s head.The promotional video shows that different factions are now chasing her.

“A blacklister is taking justice into his own hands. Now the whole world is after her,” the voice-over states while the words “Who will find Liz first?” flash by. 

Donald Ressler also says, “We’re not going to protect Liz, we’re going to arrest her.”

The clip ends with Red and Liz surrounded by armed people in a hangar, with the former telling the latter, “Put down your gun, Elizabeth.” 

With all sorts of assassins looking for her, it seems like Liz, Red and the FBI are on the same page for once. Ressler’s statement and Red’s surprising way of surrendering without his usual tendency to do some action may be his way of collaborating with the Feds to put other threats off their track and to get Liz onboard with his plans.

It remains to be seen how long his alliance with the FBI stays. 

Season 3 episode 5 of “The Blacklist” airs Thursday, Oct. 29.