Blackberry Priv news: Blackberry's first Android phone gets updates


BlackBerry Priv owners can now experience the enhanced features of their mobile device as the updates to the first-ever Android phone from Blackberry are now available on the Google Play Store.

Once the updates are availed of, Priv users can use their phone’s camera to capture slow motion video since it can record action and make it four times slower than its normal speed. This new function of the Priv camera can be activated by accessing its “Mode” button. It records a 120 fps video that can be viewed at 30 fps. While it is true that this new feature of the Priv camera does not capture audio for now, there is no denying that it will certainly please people who are fond of simulating slow motion action scenes from movie or TV. With this enhanced feature of Priv’s camera, its users can surely become more creative in immortalizing moments on video.

Apart from being capable of recording slow motion actions via its camera, Priv’s predictive typing can now suggest words that the user really want to use. This is because its predictive typing engine accesses the emails and social media messages of the user and learns the words that he commonly uses. 

Additionally, with the update, it is a lot easier for a user to pick a recipient from his list of contacts as he can use the keyboard to make suggestions when he composes an email. 

The updates will also provide easy control and positioning of the cursor, thanks to its enhanced cursor locator along with the on-screen arrows of Priv’s Fine Cursor Control mode. 

Also, deleting a word when typing is now a breeze by pressing “delete” for two seconds.

The improvements on the Priv’s App Launcher will surely make things easier for its owners in more ways than one. For instance, it now makes it possible for the users to group their personal and work apps for easier viewing and access. In the event that an app is stored on the SD card, and the card has been removed, the phone prompts its owner that it is still existent but inaccessible.

Priv users who want to get the updates can view the complete list on the Google Play Store.