'Black Sails' season 3 updates: Series expects 'big stories' ahead, more betrayals


“Black Sails” has just returned for season 3, airing just two episodes at the moment. The season is expected to air more betrayals ahead, according to actress Jessica Parker Kennedy, in the series’ biggest installment yet.

Kennedy, who plays the role of the prostitute Max, said that her character will continue to strengthen her foundation as a dominant character in New Providence Island, noted Calgary Herald.

She explained, “She is constantly playing chess, metaphorically speaking. She is always figuring out where she needs to put her pieces strategically. Season 3 is very much a strategic season for her, where she is figuring out who she needs to befriend.”

The actress added that her character is starting to take the position of Eleanor (Hannah New) and struggles with the challenges that comes with it.

“She is understanding having to make promises to people that she can’t always keep and making friends with people she doesn’t really want to be friends with. There’s a whole game to be played and she is figuring out how to do that in a way that works for her,” noted the same report.

Meanwhile, prior to the season’s premiere, Toby Stephens, who plays Captain Flint in “Black Sails” also revealed that huge things are in store for season 3, including the water scenes, special effects used to make the television series, and its end result, noted Collider.

However, the actor revealed that the best thing about this season is the “weight of the series” where he felt, “‘My god, this is actually quite profound.'” He related the plot to a really good novel and assured that there are great things happening in each episode of the season.

In episode 2 that aired on Sunday, fans saw intense sea scenes as well as Flint’s worsening mental condition. What could be in store for the casts as they are left in the middle of the sea with very little supplies with them?

Fans will find out when “Black Sails” season 3 returns for episode 3 on Feb. 6.