'Black Sails' latest news: EP reflects on tragic, remarkable series finale


The pirate ship has docked to make history. Starz’s historical adventure drama “Black Sails” has released its series finale, and it has put all the characters exactly in the right places.

One of the climactic scenes of the tenth episode was the fight between Flint (Toby Stephens) and Silver (Luke Arnold) about rescuing Madi’s (Zethu Dlomo) and who should possess the buried treasure.

Before that happened, the two fierce pirates, along with their crew, went to war against Rogers (Luke Roberts). They ended up victorious, and they controlled England.

Silver was wise enough to have located Flint’s long-lost lover, Thomas (Rupert Penry-Jones), who was believed to be dead. Thomas was found serving his life sentence at a plantation prison. In order to get rid of his rival, Silver confessed his discovery to Flint, who agreed to retire and spend the rest of his life with Thomas on the plantation.

With the treasures in his hand, Silver rescued Madi, and he vowed to wait for her to finally forgive him no matter how long it would take.

Hence, the legend of Long John Silver lives on in “Treasure Island” a book which was written by Robert Louis Stevenson that was published in 1883.

Unlike other drama series, “Black Sails” gave the main characters a sort of happy ending.

“There’s a way to have tragedy without it being oppressively awful: that was the line we were trying to walk,” executive producer Jonathan Steinberg explained to Entertainment Weekly about their choice of finishing the series.

“It was the end and we had everybody there and one of the things we’ll all miss about the show is that everybody loves it and wants to help and make it great and be involved, so it was a really nice moment at the end,” Steinberg said, describing the making of the series finale.

The episode also hailed the iconic pirate flag, and according to the showrunner, “it felt right” to display the only familiar thing that every kid knows about the sea rovers.