Black Friday deals on Play Station 4, Xbox One: game consoles rumored to be part of the price slash


Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but as Amazon started giving their deals early, other establishments have also offered numerous deals for their customers. The gaming industry is one of the foremost in having sweet deals for Play Station, Xbox, and even Wii U users.

For instance, Target offers the cost of $299.99 for a 500GB Play Station 4 with Nathan Drake Uncharted Collection, as well as the Xbox One Gears of War that comes with additional $60 gift card that can be redeemed in the store. If also offers Rock Band 4 bundles inclusive of the guitar, drums, microphone, and 30 songs for $199. Aside from this, it also offers Target coupons for their customers who buy certain games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Play Station 3, Halo 5: Guardians, Forza 6, and PGA Tour for owners of Xbox One platforms, and Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, and Supersmash Bros for Wii U users.

On the other hand, Sam’s Club offers a Playstation 4 bundle that throws in the console and a free game for only $425. It has previously offered a combo of Fallout 4 and Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Xbox One users, also for $425. Gamestop is also offering several discounts for computer games as well as the gaming console. According to Gamespresso, this is to aid the gamers who want to upgrade their older platform to current generation.

Gamespresso also revealed that one of the reasons why these consoles are offering discounts is for Sony to retain its status of preferred platform with the Playstation, while Microsoft is hoping to boost its sales on Xbox. Aside from the discounts, Microsoft is also infusing the compatibility of at least 30 game titles to Xbox 360 in order for the older generation console owners to enjoy the newer games, said the same news portal.

It is almost certain that the coming days will see more sweet deals with the Black Friday sale not only for games but for other items as well.