Big Bang Theory Season 9 update: Amy baffles Sheldon; Melissa Tang plays role of the girl Leonard kissed; LEGO set of characters and iconic living room announced


It seems like relationship troubles are coming to “The Big Bang Theory” when the show returns for season nine.

According to the synopsis released by TV Line, Sheldon will try to figure out how much time Amy needs to think about his proposal while Penny and Leonard’s impending marriage may be on the rocks over infidelity.

The full synopsis reads, “Brilliant Sheldon is confronted by a mystery of the universe he cannot unravel: when a woman wants time apart to think, exactly how much time does that mean, and is there any way to hurry the process along? In Las Vegas, Penny and Leonard march closer to marching down the aisle, but has Penny gotten over Leonard’s infidelity? And if so, will he do anything to un-get her over it?”

It was previously announced by showrunner Steve Malaro that season nine will “pick up a few hours after the Season 8 finale. Leonard and Penny were headed to Vegas, and we’re going to catch up with them right there.”

Last season ended with Penny and Leonard driving to Las Vegas to elope, however before they get to the place, he told her that he had kissed a girl while he was on a North Sea expedition.

In another report by TV Line, actress Melissa Tang has landed the role of the third party in the possible love triangle.

She will make her debut to the show during the second episode which sparked speculations that she may first appear in flashbacks before coming to the present day.

Although there are rumors that the show is looking for a male actor in his 50s to cast as a minister, having Tang on board may have the viewers wondering if the wedding will actually happen or be cancelled.

Meanwhile, a special LEGO set featuring the main cast of the show will be launched with no definite date yet.

The set includes a mini-version of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette and even their iconic living room complete with Chinese take-out containers, Green Lantern, whiteboard and telescopes.

Season nine of Big Bang Theory premieres on Monday, September 21.