'Big Little Lies' cast news: Nicole Kidman reveals she was physically hurt while filming HBO series


The premiere episode of HBO’s miniseries “Big Little Lies” has just been unveiled. Actress Nicole Kidman, who plays one of the main characters, revealed that the scenes were shot to be as authentic as possible and that she was physically hurt at times while filming.

“I was pretty beaten up physically. It was tough. I’d go home and be bruised all over, and my neck and parts of my body were really damaged because I had thrown myself into it to such a degree,” Kidman revealed to News.com.au regarding her portrayal of Celeste on the HBO show.

In the story, Celeste, a mother of twin boys, is married to a younger man who abuses her.

“It wasn’t Alex’s fault, but we couldn’t get stunt people to do those things and it had to be very authentic,” the Australian actress defended her co-star, Alexander Skarsgard, who plays her abusive spouse in the series.

Kidman stated that she once sat in the bath and cried when she got home after a long day of filming. Her family served as her source of comfort and strength while she filmed the harrowing scenes.

Kidman is married to country crooner Keith Urban for over 10 years now. The couple has two children: Sunday, 8, and Faith, 6.

“Like any mother, I might be going through something but I’m not going to dump it on my kids,” the mother-of-two said and emphasized that her main job is to provide her children a loving and comforting family.

Big Little Lies” is an adaptation of a book of the same name, written by Liane Moriarty. The new show also stars Reese Witherspoon and “The Divergent Series” actress, Shailene Woodley. Witherspoon is the producer of the miniseries alongside Kidman.

The three women played by Kidman, Witherspoon, and Woodley are mothers of first graders whose lives turn upside down after a murder took place in their neighborhood in Monterey, California.

The second episode of the series will be aired on Feb. 26 on HBO.