Big Hero 7 update: next installment's big villain could be Tadashi; Movie release rumored after Captain America: The Civil War


Big Hero 6, which won the hearts of audiences worldwide and won an Oscar for Best Animated Film last year, is said to return soon with Big Hero 7.

Stan Lee, the creator of the comic series, confirmed that the next version of Big Hero, is, indeed, being made, according to a report by Movie Pilot.

The report suggested that the character of Tadashi may still be alive, confirming rumors that the character isn’t dead, after all. He is said to be returning as the main villain for the next movie.

Meanwhile in another report by the Toronto Sun, Lee announced that the next version of the movie will begin production after they complete Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Speaking to the website, Lee said: “I don’t even know how they decide what to do next, because every one of them is so exciting and the public is waiting for them.”

In the previous edition of the movie, the protagonist, Hiro Hamad, aspired to work on the robotics program at the university where Tadashi was working. In the movie, it was shown that Tadashi, who came to the aid of Professor Callahan, the head of the university’s robotics program, died during the rescue attempt.

While there was no confirmation over Tadashi’s role in the upcoming movie, it appears that the villain character of Sunfire won’t be appearing in the next movie. In Big Hero 6, he became a villain after being possessed by a super villain known as Everwraith.

The cast members who are said to be returning for the upcoming movie are Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Daniel Henny, Damon Wayans Jr., Paul Briggs, Maya Rudolph and Lee himself.

Big Hero 7 is rumored to be released some time after the release of Captain America: Civil War.