'Better Call Saul' season 3 update: 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston approached to direct an episode


Actor Bryan Cranston recently revealed that he was approached to direct one of the episodes in the upcoming third season of the “Breaking Bad” prequel series, “Better Call Saul.” However, as big as this opportunity is for him, the actor is in doubt about accepting the offer, for the simple reason that he, too, is a big fan of the spin-off show.

During a recent appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show,” Cranston revealed that for the much-awaited new season of “Better Call Saul,” he was asked to go behind the scenes and direct one of the episodes of the upcoming season. However, he did not have the reaction that many would have expected him to have.

“I have an opportunity to direct an episode of ‘Saul’ and I’m debating whether I want to or not because I’m a fan of the show, and in order to direct I need to know what no fan knows,” Cranston explained.

As the actor had revealed, he is an avid fan of the ongoing show, and taking on the director’s hat would mean that he would get to know every bit of information about the story, the characters, and even what may happen in the future episodes. Having full access to the show is what made him have second thoughts about directing a future episode of “Better Call Saul,” it seems.

“That would kind of kill it for me as a fan to peek behind the curtain,” he said.

However, when it comes to him playing a guest role in the series, Cranston is open and very much willing to face the camera and be part of the show.

The actor revealed that if asked to do an appearance, he would simply say, “Yes, you don’t even have to finish the pitch. I’m there, what do you want me to do?”

Cranston played the role of Walter White in the critically-acclaimed, award-winning TV series “Breaking Bad,” and he himself is an award-winning actor. Cranston is a four-time Emmy Award winner in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.