'Better Call Saul' season 2 spoilers: Episode 3 features Jimmy's showmanship; Rhea Seehorn shares Kim loves Jimmy


AMC’s critically acclaimed spinoff series “Better Call Saul” continues to track the adventures of protagonist Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) as he seemingly slowly transforms into the sly and resourceful lawyer Saul Goodman from parent show, “Breaking Bad.”

The third episode in the current sophomore run will have Jimmy deciding if he will create a new commercial for Davis & Main. However, his dealings might lead to some struggles in his job. Moreover, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) may also be facing troubles of his own.

Titled “Amarillo,” the synopsis reads, “Jimmy’s client outreach efforts thrive as he exhibits new heights of showmanship. Meanwhile, Mike is perplexed by daughter-in-law Stacey’s troubling news.” Rhea Seehorn also stars in the instalment as Kim Wexler.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Seehorn talked about the relationship of her character and Jimmy and what she feels about the once righteous lawyer becoming the person who takes pride in being bad.

“The weird, romantic sexiness that they have with each other is between the lines; it’s intangible as only a 10-year-plus relationship with two loner-strange-outcast people can be, and suddenly it’s being illustrated very clearly and in a traditional way for a moment,” Seehorn said.

She added that there is a certain sweetness to their connection as they can easily have compassionate moments the same time they fight and bicker at each other. “She does not love Jimmy in spite of him, she loves him all-inclusive of him. She knows who he is,” the actress revealed.

“But… there is another side of Kim that either enjoys it from the sidelines or has a backstory that involves that,” she hinted while teasing that the narrative will also explore Kim’s personality as it unfolds.

The new episode will air on Monday, Feb. 29 at 10 PM.