Ben Carson news: Retired neurosurgeon defends autobiography amidst backlash


After edging out Hillary Clinton and being almost in a neck to neck race with co-Republican Donald Trump, Ben Carson has hit some bumps this week which may affect his strong showing in recent surveys.

The retired neurosurgeon has received backlash regarding his autobiography which has drawn questions over some of the details. In an interview with “MSNBC’S Morning Joe Today” on Nov. 9, Nicole Wallace accused Carson of telling “bald faced lies about his biography.”

The former McCain-Palin campaign adviser was quoted as saying: “I don’t know, he’s not an old man. I mean, he’s certainly young enough to remember his formative years, and his entire reason for wanting to lead this country is his personal character; that is what he’s running on. He’s running on being a guy with exceptional and extraordinary character of integrity. So when things turn out to be lies, I’m not sure what kind of story you’re telling.”

The 64-year-old presidential aspirant is being asked about key stories he has included in his  book titled “Gifted Hands” first published in 1990. One narrative in the book says that Carson attempted to stab a friend and now he says that the victim is a “close relative” instead. CBS reports that the story has “evolved” over the years and new questions are being raised after former classmates and neighbors were interviewed by CNN. Some revealed that they have no memory of any violence like that described in the book.

Another disputed narrative claimed that he turned down a scholarship from the US Military Academy at West Point. But his campaign manager, Barry Bennett has recently said that Carson was offered a “nomination” to West Point.

Meanwhile, Carson responded that it is former first lady Hillary Clinton who should be called dishonest. Carson made the comments while attending the fourth GOP presidential debate last Tuesday, seemingly referring to the 2012 attack in Benghazi and the criticism over Clinton’s handling of the incident, which resulted in the death of four Americans.