Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner news: Former couple seen doing family errand together, raises question on divorce


Fans were shocked and saddened when stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced last June that they were ending their 10-year marriage through a divorce. However, there were recent sightings of the pair running a normal family errand together. This has raised some questions regarding the announced divorce; with some thinking that the decision to split is off, following a recent magazine article that bore said news. 

On Sunday, Affleck and Garner were seen doing their shopping together. They were first seen in the same car going to Pacific Palisades to buy from Gelson’s supermarket. After doing the errand, they were helpful to each other  as Garner pushed their grocery cart, Affleck helped load the goods into the car. Later that day, Garner was seen outside a church, smiling. Earlier this month, they were also spotted with their three children at LA Farmers Market. 

Some have been speculating that they have reconciled and are calling off the split, especially after Star magazine flaunted on its cover that Affleck and Garner are back together. The same story said that they are now trying to mend their marriage, claiming that a family insider gave the scoop.

However, Gossip Cop has slammed the story and said, after getting an exclusive scoop close to Garner, that the writeup is false. It elaborated that the couple is working together in their relationship as friends and co-parents, and not as spouses. 

Reports say that the reasons for the divorce include Affleck’s alleged gambling and drinking habits, as well as his purported infidelity, but friends close to the actor defended him.

At the moment, both seem to be civil with each other and plan to raise their children together. 

“This should not be an ugly divorce. They plan on co-parenting and doing absolutely everything in the best interest of the kids,” a source reportedly told People