'Beauty and the Beast' news: Season 4 will be show's last but answers all fans' questions


The CW’s television series “Beauty and the Beast” was cancelled, but fans don’t need to worry as it will not go without a proper send off with its fourth and final season.

The TV show that started in 2012 and was loosely inspired by the 1987 CBS series with the same name follows the lives of Afghanistan soldier Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and NYPD officer Katherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk). Vincent was part of a special set of soldiers who underwent a series of experiments to be a super soldier. However, the project went sour causing Vincent to have “beast-ing” tendencies. Katherine comes into the picture when she was saved by the supposed dead Vincent. From then on, their paths have crossed more than once, which eventually led them to being a couple.

According to a report by website Latin Post, season 4 of the thriller has already wrapped up production in Canada and is looking to air the remaining installment next year. Austin Bassis, who plays Vincent’s long time pal JT Forbes, has taken it to his official Twitter account to express that it is a bittersweet goodbye and that he will definitely miss playing his character.

Spoilers of the show have already been popping out on what might happen to Vincent and Kat. Fans have seen the two finally tying the knot in the end of season 3 after almost a season long failed attempts to get hitched. An article by TV Line  revealed that the series finale will be called “Au Revoir.” CW President Mark Pedowitz aslo gave out some snippets regarding the show’s airing date and was quoted in saying “I truly like it as a summer series. One of our stated goals for the network was to have year-round programming. We’re doing more and more of this, and having ‘Beauty and the Beast’ gives us some scripted programming for summer.”

The last season of the show is reportedly going to be consisted of 13 episodes, which is plenty of time to finally tie up loose ends in the story.